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Where there's nothing missing, nothing broken & there's more than enough; a total reflection of Heaven! (Matthew 6: 9 - 13)

Kingdom Coaching Topics

Learn How to Take Back Your Authority in Every Pillar of Your Life Resulting in Divine Health and Prosperity!

Rather you've accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior or not, Satan has been stealing from you, your family and anything he want to snatch from you.  Although Satan was defeated at the cross, he is still robbing God's people due to lack of knowledge and a muted vision of God's Truth.

The YouTube video playlist entitled "In the Spirit of Snatch" are designed to help you "see visually" in detail how the spiritual realm of God's Kingdom operate so you can "SNATCH" any and everything Satan has stolen from you, your family (even the ones that's passed away), and everything else God has given you authority over. 

These teachings have the power to restore your health, finances, family relations, and renew your spirit; because they will show you "how" to snatch your stolen promises out of Satan grip  As you put these teachings into practice, you'll see unprecedented weight loss, removal of depression, fear and any anxiety.

In God's Kingdom money flows like a river; where as in the Kingdom of Darkness money is stagnated like a reservoir. 

The Kingdom of God financial principles have keys, laws & mysteries hidden throughout His word, but God expect His people to seek them out and receive revelation of these keys, laws and mysteries.  God is not ignorant of the cliche' "He who has the gold makes the rules"; therefore, He want you to be the "Big Baller" in His Kingdom on earth because He knows you are going to rule with righteousness, love, compassion, and mercy.

The YouTube video playlist entitled "Big Baller Kingdom Style" are designed to reveal these hidden elements in God's Kingdom, and show you "how" to get money flowing to you so you can rule & reign in the assignment God placed on your life.  Being a "Big Baller" Kingdom Style will position you to be a beacon of light in very dark places to shower it with love, compassion, justice, peace & bring others into the Kingdom.

Before the fall in Genesis 1:  29 - 30, God established man's diet to include every herb that yields seed, and every tree whose fruit yields seed.  He established a green herb diet for every beast, birds, and everything that creeps on the earth. 

After the fall in Genesis 6: 3 God made a decree to reduce the lifespan of man to 120 years, and eventually altered man's diet by incorporating animals with the exception of one with blood still in its veins.

Unfortunately the simplicity of taking care of our bodies have grown more complex; we're moving less, the food industry have made decisions detrimental to our health forcing a faith challenged society to rely on drugs to feel healthy.

The YouTube video playlist entitled "Supernatural Hero" will help you partner with God's super by transforming your lifestyle as I reveal cutting edge health research on: exercises, supplements, vitamins, recipes to help keep your body in balance for divine health.  

As a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, I've discovered one element common among any and everyone struggling with weight issues or health issues, and that is stress.  God did not create our bodies to remain in a chronic state of stress.  That's why discovering the source of stress is vitally important.  This task becomes very challenging when there are multiple sources of stress, and knowing "how" to remove each one is just as important.  All stress fall into one of three categories:  a person, a place or a thing.

Operation Clip is a Kingdom tactic designed to remove stress from your life Kingdom style.  

The YouTube video playlist entitled "Operation Clip" are designed to show you how to use Kingdom spiritual laws, secrets and principles to remove any and all stress including:  toxic people, any injustice you've suffered, habits detrimental to your health, your family & your finances so you can walk in peace just as God intended for your life. 

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