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Kingdom Lifestyle Coaching is a market place ministry commissioned to transform the Body of Christ physically & spiritually by use of creative visuals on a video platform depicting the spiritual realm of God's Kingdom.  These videos will address every pillar of your life being attacked by Satan; especially your weight, Relationships, Affirmations, Purpose & Prosperity (WRAPP).  Here is where you will learn to tell Satan, "It's a WRAPP"!  My mission is to help you make a Kingdom lifestyle transformation filled with divine health, prosperity and a deeper revelation of your authority through Christ  in order to complete God's assignment on your life. 

I am a real person whom God transformed spiritually resulting in a permanent physically transformation as well as all pillars of my life.  I have a passion to help you make the same transformation so you too can walk into the fullness of God's plan for your life.

God revealed to me that the spiritual realm controls everything:  the reflection I saw in the mirror, how I felt emotionally & spiritually, and the condition of my environment.  Unfortunately Satan is also a spirit; therefore, it's important for us to align our spirit with the spirit of God.

I truly believe that you can't fulfill God's will for your life until you are physically strong, see yourself the way God sees you, and prospering in every area of your life.  This is why I offer a wide variety of tools to address the physical side of you such as:  recipes, workout, cutting edge health reviews on nutrition, supplements & vitamins; as well as the spiritual side of you in terms of hidden keys & laws found in the word of God to eradicate all spiritual problems.  I want to see you winning on this side of eternity so you can hear the Father say to you, "Well done my faithful servant!"; as you complete your God assignment on earth..

Kingdom Lifestyle Coaching Creed

     Inspired by Psalm 23: 4 - 6

My body is God’s Temple; void of disease.

I lie down in sweet sleep, and receive dreams;

…they refresh my soul.

He sends me to the right paths; for His name’s sake.

Even though I walk through the valley of dumbbells; I will fear no lift,

For my muscle & bones are strengthen by His fresh fruits and vegetables.

I prepare a table of health food for my family and friends.

The nutrients fuel our cells to gain energy and clarity. of mind.

Surely I will share this lifestyle all the days of my life.

For God’s goodness & love will flow through me as I continue Kingdom Lifestyle coaching for the Body of Christ.  Amen!

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Trina's Kingdom Partners

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Kingdom Partnership is one of many Kingdom secrets God reveal through the teachings of Paul in Philippians.  He revealed that partnership in His Kingdom include sowing seed into the ministries established by Himself; aka "Good Ground".  Your seed include giving offerings to the ministry and sending up prayers of agreement for the ministries.  The benefits you receive are two dimensional:  heavenly rewards just as the pastor will receive (Matthew 10: 41), and earthly transfer of the anointing on the ministry into your life.  (Philippians 4:  10 - 20)  In case you didn't catch it, this is one of many Kingdom financial keys revealed.

I give thanks to the Holy Spirit for leading me to these ministries, as they gave me confirmation and increased revelation of God's word.  I officially made Jesus the Lord of my life on March 12, 2000, and can recall each ministry responsible for taking me to the next level of understanding.  I have provided links to their sites so you can connect, donate and grow in God with their teachings.  I thank God for their obedience, and I know they will take part in the rewards I receive in Heaven for every saint that's transformed by the coaching videos released on my Kingdom Lifestyle Coaching channel.


To God be the Glory! 

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