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About Trina Claiborne

How Trina's Story Began

Trina Claiborne "The Woman", and her God given assignment as a Kingdom Lifestyle Coach are one.  She is the creator of the online course Permanent Lifestyle Transformation (PLT) System, a Published Author, Motivational Teacher, and a Kingdom Lifestyle Coach.


All of her products and services available today are the manifested fruits of the prophecy uttered out of her own mouth around the age of nine years old.   Without spiritual knowledge at such a young age, she uttered this prophecy to her mother one Saturday afternoon:  "Mom, you know when I graduate from college I'm not moving back home to live.  I will live in Atlanta, GA or Washington DC, and I will be responsible for transforming the lives of a lot of people.  I don't know how or when, but I know it's going to take a lot of my time and I'll need a lot of money to do it!" 


At the time of this prophecy, her family didn't have any friends or relatives living in those states.  In addition and ironically; she struggled with her weight for the first 40+ years of her life.  Her weight struggles were due to lack of knowledge on nutrition & exercise, and most definitely spiritual deficits.

A few months after graduating from college, she landed a job with a major insurance company in Monroe, LA being the first black female to work on third shift in the Data Processing (DP) Department.  Without being asked, she started creating "How-To" manuals on the different processing required during her shift.  Management took noticed and eventually created a new position as the DP Trainer.  During this time, the company had about 48 regional offices throughout the US, but this new position only exist at the Mid-South (Monroe) Regional Office.  

Unknowingly upon her being hired in 1989, the company was building a new regional office in Atlanta, GA.  This information wasn't revealed to Trina until mid 1990, but unfortunately the Mid-South office was not allowed to post for positions at the new Georgia office.  Just so happened, the Georgia Regional Office wanted a DP Trainer, and without any competition Trina was selected immediately upon posting because no one else qualified for the position.  What a God moment!  Trina officially moved to metro Atlanta, Ga on her 26th birthday April 19th in 1991.

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Her life's journey is full of "Just So Happen" events that moved and positioned her to walk into the fullness of God's plan for her life.  In June 2015 Trina decided to develop an even deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is when God literally activated the gift of tongues within her one Friday morning at 4AM while working out on the treadmill.  Speaking in this spiritual language authorized God to reveal Satan's delay tactics he'd been using to keep her from walking in the fullness of God's plan for her life.  In addition, this spiritual gift accelerated & heightened her spiritual ears; as a result God's plan for her life became crystal clear.  He activated the ability to understand her dreams; including past dreams she never understood from her old dream journals.     

Through a series of dreams He revealed how His Bride (The Body of Christ) is perishing due to a lack of spiritual knowledge.  He started revealing to her how the Kingdoms' spiritual realm operates, and how ot controls the physical realm.  His solution was to include visuals of truth on a platform that can be repeated.  You can take part in the blessing by subscribing to her YouTube channel "Kingdom Lifestyle Coaching.

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